Nick Kao and his Community

When I was young, I always wanted to be famous on social media. As such, I would mimic famous stars (Smosh, Nigahiga etc.) and resort to creating cringeworthy videos (try finding them 🤣) just hoping that I would one day become as famous as them.

This dream of mine was left on the shelves until I met Nick Kao and his amazing community. For Nick himself, he has taught me much about Facebook, from Facebook algorithms to personal branding to social media marketing. In fact, he built many of his businesses from scratch just from leveraging the power of social media! Pretty amazing, I would say. (can’t wait for his next lesson on Facebook Ads and Chatbot! 😎)

Thanks to the guidance of the community and himself, I’ve been able to see miracles happen before my own eyes (Reaching 1k upvotes on Quora, receiving internship opportunities just from Facebook) which I have never dreamt of before in my life. Here is the link to the answer I posted just in case you guys are curious: (shameless advertising hehe)

And this started just because I wanted to buy myself a software to build my very own site at a discounted price😂
If any of you are interested to join me, whether it is to upscale your businesses online, to start your very own business, or just to learn a thing or two, feel free to do so! Just comment “Keen” in the comments section, and I’ll fill you in with more details!

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