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$619,200 in pre-qualified traffic for $10k?

Free traffic is NEVER free.

Like Turkey Day celebrations, I’ve got deep traditions… as a paid traffic dude.

And even though I’m settingthe table for you on Thanksgiving/Black Friday with Adam Linkenauger’s Youtubegenius for driving feasts of traffic every single day of the year…

I’m not gonna blow smoke upyour keister, even if it smells like freshly baked rolls, okay?

The Pilgrim’s didn’t comehere and plant corn and say, “Lookie everyone, free corn!”…just because theydidn’t go to Walmart and buy it.

They had to plow the field,plant the corn seed, keep the varmints out, pray for good weather and then pickthe corn.

Bet they wish they had aWalmart!

So, why for the love ofPlymouth Rock am I suggesting you bolt on a Youtube channel?

In 2 words…


Let’s start with leverage…

What do you pay per clickright now? (I know it’s a bit of a vanity metric.)

Facebook’s AVERAGE CPCacross all industries is $1.72 (Source: Wordstream in Aug 2018)

Which means if you can scaleto 1000 clicks per day, you’re gonna pay $1720 per day for those clicks.

Stay with me, this iscrucial 411.

Now, let’s say you’reconverting 30% to leads (opt-ins, webbie registrations, etc)…

Tap. tap. tap on mycalculator:

$5.73 per lead.

(Ha, ha, if some peoplecould be so lucky.)

So, at the end of a 30 daymonth, you’d get your American Express bill (or have debited from yourchecking) $51,600 wampums:-)

And you’d end up withroughly 9000 leads (300 per day for 30 days).

Right? Hopefully, you’d haveat LEAST a corresponding-ish sales amount in transactions and you’ve acquiredlong-term customers at LEAST around break-even.

Good job. High five. Now,the 1st of the month rolls around and guess what?

You gotta do it all overagain.

And it’s not just aboutstroking out that check for $51,600 to keep the gears moving, is it?

You gotta monitor, tweak,manage your ads, etc.

Not to mention it can all beturned off if FB suddenly doesn’t like the smell of your pumpkin pie today.


If your CPL starts to risefaster than yeast bread.

Now, your survival is on theline.

But, what if you’d bolted ona Youtube channel, the Adam Linkenauger way?

(If Youtube’s populationwere a country it would be the largest country in the world behind China and India.)    

And you had 1000 visitors aday pouring in…

..and following Adam’smethodology, they wouldn’t be cold, but PRE-SOLD…

But, let’s go with the same30% conversion…you’d have 300 leads a day…9000 leads a month…

But, zero American Expressbill at the end of the month.


You’d have to make 8 minute(or so) videos.

But, like having your own garden, each plant (video) continues to produce for you month after month.

(Adam’s got videos whichhave produced CONTINUOUS sales for 3 years!)


When you boil the meat offthe bone…

You’ve “saved” $51,600 amonth and traded it for punching a few buttons on your cell phone and makingsome videos.

That’s $619,000 a year.

Now, of course, if youdecide to invest in Adam’s know how (and I highly recommend you do).

You will have that“expense”.

May I ask?

How much would you invest tobolt on $619,000 a year in traffic?

Now, if you can’t possiblysee yourself driving that much traffic?


What about half? $309,500.

………or even 1/10th?$61,900.

How much would you invest tobolt on even $61,900 in traffic in 2019?

And you can START feastingfrom the Youtube table in as little as 24 hours after uploading your videofollowing Adam’s method. (I jokingly call it the Linken-Rankin’ Method!)

Would you consider a $10kinvestment to bolt on $61,900 in traffic an appropriate investment?

If you would consider it…

I’ve got news which wouldput a smile on the face of even the most Puritanical Pilgrim.

You won’t pay that.

As part of our Black Fridayspecial, I’m loading up your “table” with $10,000 worth of bonuses…


I’m carving up thatinvestment Turkey (or Tofu) into bite-sized pieces because I so stronglybelieve in a MULTI-CHANNEL approach to business, I don’t want the investmentholding anybody back.

Now…we’re nearly ready…


Here’s the EARLY turkey linkif you can’t wait until Black Friday:-)

===> Early link for theBlack Friday Special…

If the page won’t load or itsays, coming soon…

Please keep trying:-)

Happy Thanksgiving,

An often overlooked traffic source

Most people are continually trying to figure out the latest and greatest trafficstrategies…

...but what works for one person is not always going to work for everyone.

You need to not only figure out what works for you, but also what has continued towork over time.

One such traffic strategy (that has stood the test of time) is press release marketing.

You can use press releases in powerful and effective ways to connect with yourtarget audience and create buzz about your upcoming offers, products, orlaunches.

Press releases are also quite cost-effective and easy to produce, as well as veryeasy to distribute.

As a matter of fact, the distribution can be automated by hiring press release distribution and circulation outlets and using them to tweak and submit yourpress releases to all major blogs, content syndication sites, and mediaoutlets.

Imagine that! Your ideal client reads about your services, then comes to you ready tobuy!

You can submi t your press releases through both paid and free distributionchannels. 

Therefore,whatever your budget and time constraints, press releases can be extremelyvital in positioning your business to get mass exposure.

So if you need a tried, true, and tested traffic strategy, give press releases atry.

Talkto you soon,

(Driving) By Anthony Morrison

It’s now Day 4 in our “Driving With Anthony” series and today I want to dive
right in to the one single thing that can and will KILL your success.

Here’s the answer for you (of course from my car)

Now I will be honest what I tell you in this video applies to 99% of all people
who are looking to be successful online. There’s probably 1% of people who
somehow manage to avoid letting this kill their success…. but it’s rare.

I want you to know exactly what it is because you are here to have success

Don’t you want to know the one single thing that kills success so fast it’s gone
in literally the blink of an eye?

Part of my job as your coach is to alert you of things like this… so here I am
standing in front of you saying..

“Alert Alert – I need you to know this right now because I’ve been there done
that and I want you to avoid any mistakes that can hurt your ability to have the
success that you want and deserve.”

So here’s your warning.. watch this now and you’ll avoid any bumps in the road
to you and your massive success online

Anthony Morrison


Pre-sold traffic & Leads

Are you an open-minded kinda person?

Jason here…

Nervous and grateful as I write this to you.

Grateful because…

More folks reached out about the ORGANIC pre-sold traffic and lead source than I could’ve ever imagined.


We’ve got RSVP’s coming in fast and furious!!

My gratitude tank is filled to the brim:-)


Now, why am I nervous in the service?

Lemme tell ya.

The world’s SECOND largest search engine is like a huge lake brimming full of fish who practically want to jump into your boat…

It’s a search engine so large that if it were a country, it would be the largest just behind China and India.

The latest data shows 1 out of every 2 internet users USE this search engine.


I’m betting half the fisher-people who read this will turn up their noses and say, “I’ve been to that lake before!” and they’ll pack their tackle box and drive home with extreme prejudice.

And that’s a shame…

… because the fish are swarming and hungry…and up until now, only a few anglers have figured out HOW to fish Youtube…yet, those in the know… are getting FAT!

My friend, Adam Linkenauger (and I pay him) has totally figured out how to “fish” Youtube: The 2nd largest search engine on the planet.

(The secret is NOT knowing about Youtube, but knowing how to fish it:-))

In nerdy tech terms, he’s got the inside scoop on Youtube’s ranking algo…and it is NOT getting more views or some ninja keyword research strategy.

And if all it did was get Adam 100,000,000 (100 million) views and 1.3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel…which it 100% has…I would NOT be introducing him to you.

If getting more views and subscribers was all he got paid for doing it for others like Digital Marketer, Mind Valley, Grant Cardone and others, I STILL wouldn’t give a flip.

Just wouldn’t excite me to tell you about him.


Views and even channel subscribers are “vanity” metrics.

I can’t take views to the bank, can you?


If you’re up for it?

I AM excited to tell you more about him because he’s figured out how to turn Youtube into his own personal PRE-SOLD Lead Machine with over 500,000 email subscribers…and growing.

AND…if you like muney?

Most importantly…

Adam turns views into 7 figures a year in SALES!

Now, if your boat ain’t floatin’ yet?

His clients love that once they “fish” Youtube the Linkenauger way, it’s like casting a net which catches lunkers for months or years.

Do the “work” once, reap the rewards for years.

EVEN IF you never invest a cent in “Youtube ads”…

Part of Adam’s angling “magic” is getting people who have a “desperate problem” to WATCH 3, 4 or more of his videos…so when they jump in his “boat” and optin…they ALREADY know, like and trust him.

Do you see the magic in that?

They thaw from “cold” to “presold”.

And who converts faster?

A cold… or… presold prospect?

Presold! …Dang straight!

It’s as close to “Laydown Leads” as you’re gonna get:-)


If I’m feelin’ the love from you…

I’m gonna pop back by in the next few days with more on the breakthrough new stuff Adam’s up to, but I want to leave you with one more thing…

Youtube is not the best traffic in the world, neither is Facebook, Google, Twitter…or any of the platforms you could shoot off.

QUESTION: Do you know what the best traffic in the world is?

And will ALWAYS be?

ANSWER: Traffic YOU control!

Adam is a master angler who pulls peeps off the Youtube lake and stocks HIS POND where he controls what happens next.

Giving him an even more steady flow of pre-sold leads, steady income and a buffer from whatever crazy hijinks is going on in the traffic world.

He is 100% in control of his traffic, income and financial life.

I dig that.

How about you?

Because of all the interest…

I’m putting something special together with Adam, myself and someone else (more on whom later) who can help you turn the world’s 2nd largest search engine into your own personal, perpetual, pre-sold lead machine…without spending a dime on ads.

Will ya keep a light on for me? or should I just drop it?

Lemme know below…